SAT/ ACT Prep Guides and Tips

SAT/ ACT Prep Guides and Tips

What Makes for An Effective SAT/ACT Reading Tutor?

You ‘d think that with a name like “Critical Reading” or just plain “Reading” that the best tutor for these areas of the SAT and ACT would just be someone who is efficient reading critically. Alas, it is not that simple. For instance: I love to read and aced the SAT Critical Reading section when I took the test lo a lot of years ago, but since it comes easily to me, I haven’t ever had to think of alternating ways to approach questions. I essentially have to work much harder at tutoring Reading than I do at tutoring subjects that I had to put more work into studying (for me, SAT Math).

Continue reading for more specifics about what makes the best effective SAT/ACT Reading tutor.

Effective SAT/ACT Reading Tutors Scored high On The Test

The best SAT/ACT Reading tutors are actually the 1%: at a bare minimum required, they’ve scored in the 99th percentile on the test. At PrepScholar, we take it one step even further. Not only do we exclusively hire 99th percentile scorers, but many of these tutors were perfect scorers on the areas that they tutor.

Why is this important? Because in order to have the ability to customize teaching, a tutor must have gotten down pat the material. This doesn’t just mean knowing the content (like vocab). Tutors need to learn HOW the SAT/ACT will give questions on reading. SAT/ACT Reading particularly is a tough subject to improve, since it requires skills the student has exercised over a decade. It’s difficult to teach critical thinking and logic in a short extent of your time. How do effective SAT/ACT Reading tutors do it? Read on!

Effective SAT/ACT Reading Tutors Can Pinpoint Your Weaknesses

The best SAT/ACT Reading tutor will have the ability to understand exactly WHERE students are creating mistakes. When all is said and done, a particularly difficult reading question can involve over six components, any one of which could be your Achilles’ heel.

Let’s use the following verse and question as an example.

There are many complex steps you need to start answer this question

Recognize the question: what’s this weirdly-worded question really asking?
Where in the passage is the info you need?
The amount of time are you investing reading the passage?
What details does the passage provide you to answer the question?
How do you utilize this information to answer the question?
What answer selections can you eliminate? Why?
How can you verify the right answer is correct at the very end?
A student who misses the question could be faltered by any one of these steps. How should a tutor address this?

A mediocre tutor will just ensure the student understands how to get the answer to this specific question and proceed.

Why is this bad? It’s ineffective– it’s highly unlikely this particular question will appear on the SAT/ACT, and so the support given is not generalizable. Additionally, it doesn’t determine the student’s actual weak points – it just covers over serious issues with a band aid.

Premier tutor will pinpoint exactly where the student is containing issues, then work on weaknesses until there are no longer any issues. A student who will not understand how to identify the information in the passage that answers the question requires very different help from a scholar who is spending too much time re-reading the passage when answering this inquiry. If the tutor doesn’t identify these weaknesses and address them, the student will find it very hard to strengthen her score.

Effective SAT/ACT Reading Tutors Will Personalize Strategies To You

The best tutors will comprehend optimal strategies and have the ability to teach them to students, personalizing the strategies to a student’s particular level. Read on for an example of two a wide range of strategy suggestions: one suggestion is for someone going for a 600 on the SAT or 26 on the ACT and the other is for someone going for a perfect score on the SAT/ACT).

Students who are trying for a 600 or a 26 or a can skip hardest 20% of questions and instead focus on less complicated ones. For more techniques like these, read our posts on how to strengthen your SAT Reading Score or how to strengthen your ACT Reading score.

If you’re trying for the perfect score, however, you might need to keep in mind of time management. Take a timed practice test, and if you not having enough time, mark the questions you answer with additional time. Compare your proportioned score with extra time with your realistic score (the score that only includes questions answered during the normal time period). If your score differentiates by more than 50 points (on the SAT) or 1 point (on the ACT), you have serious time management issues. Are you generally slow at reading passages, or were there specific questions that slowed you down?

Actions To Take

The most ideal way to get a sense of any tutor’s teaching style is to get her to illustrate how she ‘d explain the process of answering a challenging question.

TIP: Select a question ahead of time that you recently missed and have had problem with from a real SAT and use it every time, so you can compare the descriptions of multiple tutors.
I’ve also put together a list of example questions parents and scholars might wish to ask potential tutors.

Use the solution to these questions to assess how a tutor teaches and whether her particular teaching style and method will work out for you.

What’s Next?

How do you find the most ideal tutor for you?

Learn about what tutors really do during SAT/ACT tutoring and exactly how to find the very best tutoring match for your situation.

Want to get serious about improving your SAT/ACT score?

Our tutoring service is designed to be the most beneficial in the country. We hire the very best tutors from across the country. This is then coupled with our exclusive online drilling program that gives your tutor complete insight into your development to design the most effective training sessions. Consider what improving 160 points on your SAT, or 4 points on your ACT, can do for you. Learn more about tutoring now:

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A Few Study Tips For the ACT or SAT

What’s our best tip for mastering this standardized test period?

Start very early. Actually, we recommend starting your test prep the summer between sophomore and junior year. Most students will soon after go on to take the SAT or ACT (or both!) once throughout their junior year and as soon as during the fall of their senior year.

How to prep for SAT or ACT

So what kind of test prep is ideal for you? Have a look at some of the most popular test prep strategies for high school kids.

Sign up for an In-Person Prep Class

If you find it really hard to study on your Saturdays off, you may choose to think about a class taught by a tutor who will hold you responsible. Complete with homework and plenty of in-class practice, a prep course will put you through your progress and maintain you on course all semester long. Test prep courses can run the extent from small group environments to larger classrooms instructed by test experts or even teachers from your high-school if you take a prep training thru school. With a little research, you’ll find the environment that’s best for you. And, obviously, we’ve got lots of prep course solutions.

Take a Practice Test

To figure out how you ‘d measure up, take an SAT or ACT practice test under conditions that imitate the real testing environment. (For example: shut down your cell phone and use a timer.).

Your practice test score is your base. You can use your baseline score to help you make a study plan accorded to what you need to work on. Do you need to build up your vocabulary? Focus on math drills? Tame test day anxieties? Practice tests also get familiar you with the various sections and guidance of the test you plan to take to ensure that there are no surprises.

When you work with a private tutor, you’ll get a detailed score report of your strengths and weaknesses and gives you an action plan for increasing your score

Get a Private Tutor.

If you’re searching for a completely personalized strategy, consider preparation with an SAT or ACT tutor. One-on-one tutoring sessions ensure you’ll get on-the-spot evaluations and customized lessons to your requirements and learning type. For instance, if you’ve understood sentence finalization but need to work with geometry, your tutor will adjust your prep plan accordingly. This is also one of the most versatile method in terms of organizing and great for students with limited accessibility or imminent deadlines. Our act tutors in Miami will meet wherever convenient for you.

SAT-ACT Prep Online.

Many courses provide an online component along with in-class instruction. But super occupied students may find it difficult to schedule a prep class between after-school work, volleyball, or violin. On the internet test prep lets you prep when and in which it suits you best, repeat lessons, or skip in advance. This choice is most ideal for go-getters who won’t need normal due dates and face-to-face time with a tutor to keep them inspired.

Prep over the Summer.

Students who are swamped during the regular year can take advantage of their lighter work in the summer. With an August SAT (new this year!) and a September ACT test date in the future, summer is a smart time to concentrate on the test-taking skills and understanding areas you need to get a good result. If you’re planning to take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall, getting ready for the SAT is the very best way to prepare for the PSAT.


Good Ways to Study For a Test

  1. Start a Study Group
    Sometimes it can be useful to go over things with individuals who are studying for the same test: You can make sure that your notes are correct and that you comprehend the subject. Study groups are also useful because you can work together to come up with ways to remember ideas and then test one another.

For some individuals who are easily sidetracked, though, study groups, it spells catastrophe because they leave the topic often. When you’re with a bunch of buddies or schoolmates, you may spend more time socializing than really studying. One way to ensure silence and attention when studying with a group is to study in the public library. You’ll be forced to keep things more on the down than if you go to someone’s house.

In the end, it comes down to what works best for your studies. If you feel up-to studding on your own, then do it. If working in a group, seems better for you, just be aware of what can happen when in groups.