reading readiness

Essential Skills For Reading Readiness

Reading is essential for a child’s success. It is a slow sequential process and requires time to seep inside a child’s mind. Children tend to explore too many things simultaneously. Learning comes organically, but when it involves reading, the technique is not a self-taught process and needs to be taught. For them, learning to read is about attempting to decipher words that are new to them, i.e., it is the technique of breaking down complicated words into simpler basic terms that remain lucid and unambiguous.

To make it an easy task, I have put together a list of top critical skill sets that ensure reading readiness. But before we go on to the skill-sets let’s see what is reading readiness.

What Is Reading Readiness?

Reading readiness is a phase where your child demonstrates indicators of being ready to learn how to read. It is the aspect where your child is gearing up to become a reader from being a non-reader. There are different factors that determine reading readiness in children. But additionally there are basic developmental stages that help in predetermining whether your child is prepared to discover how to read or not.

What Are the Proficiency Determining Reading Readiness?

There are four basic developing skills that ensures that your child is ready to learn how to read are as follows-.

Child is socially developed: When we say socially developed what we imply is that the child understands how to communicate socially with other children prior to he or she learns to read. The child ought to know how to participate with others, when and how to take turns and most importantly develop a self control before learning to read.

Emotional development of child is essential:

Emotional development of a child reflects his/her knowledge of the world about her or him and how well they adjust to it. It is important, as emotional development will certainly help in relating to the characters of the book.
Child should be physically fit: Well that proceeds without saying, if the child is not really physically fit he or she will not manage to sit correctly to read and that sitting properly is one of the most crucial conditions of reading. Other than that a child ought to also have a good motor skill so that he or she can turn page deftly.

Cognitive growth plays a crucial part:

Cognitive development plays an important in ensuring that your child is prepared to read, as it is with cognitive development the child will have the ability to visually distinguish between the characters like L and T or a and o. However, aside from the earlier four mentioned competences, there are other important signs that will guide you to know whether your child is prepared to learn how to read.